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Become A Positive Thinker & Completely Turn Your Life Around

There are many reasons why you should have a positive mindset. A positive mindset can create positive outcomes that lead to a more successful life. If you think positively, then you will have the ability to turn life challenges into opportunities. 

Positive self-talk doesn’t always work

When you’re trying to achieve a positive mindset, it can be tempting to think that the only way to get there is by telling yourself how wonderful you are and how much potential you have. But the reality is that this kind of self-talk doesn’t always work.

Because life is full of ups and downs. No matter what you do, your thoughts go negative. You might tell yourself things like: “I can’t do this! Why did I even try?” or “That person’s better than me.” Allow yourself to go experience frustration. What you need is to stop those negative thoughts from spiralling out of control.

The first step is recognizing when a negative thought has crept up on you, and then catching yourself before it goes far. For example: if you go for an interview but don’t get the job, rather than telling yourself “I’m not qualified for this job,” try saying something like “I’ll take some time off from interviews and then start looking again after I’ve finished my course.”

It’s important not to beat yourself up over these negative thoughts; instead, use them as an opportunity for growth. You can download this guide here to help you crush those limiting beliefs so you can regain your confidence. 

Stop blaming your situation

You may say that there is nothing to be positive about because you lost your job or broke up with your partner. But nagging about your situation doesn’t help you move forward. Instead, ask yourself what lesson you have learned from it.

Don’t fix what is broken

It’s strange that we usually put a lot of energy into thinking about those that we don’t want. If you give someone an opportunity, they can go on and on about their problems and frustrations. Focusing all your energy on your issues does not get you closer to a solution, and it only makes you bitter and more frustrated. You are going to change that.

What is not working – is not working

It’s strange that we usually put our energy into thinking about what’s not working. Well, it does not always get you closer to a solution, and it only makes you bitter and more frustrated. Sound familiar? Instead, give yourself some grace and be grateful for what you have. Practice gratitude can change your life. 

Visualize your success

Bringing your future in front of you is a very powerful exercise. Picture yourself in that new house or driving that dream car or having the perfect relationship with your partner, kids or friends. Use your imagination to create a successful life. This is not the time to apply logic, just go wild. 

Be grateful

Every day write down 3 things that went well today, whether it was an email from a client complimenting your work or just enjoying a beautiful day out with friends. You can use this Journaling Workbook to get started. 

Change your perspective

 You can turn your impossible into “I’m possible.” And it all starts with affirmations. Practicing positive statements every morning is an easy way to infuse some positivity into your life and set yourself up for success. It’s also a great way of changing your mindset, which will help you attract more money and success into your life!

Here are some examples of affirmations that you can use:

“This day will be amazing.”

“I am beautiful.” (Or whatever positive trait you want to focus on.)

“I attract positivity.”

“Money and success flow to me.”

Start with your environment

It’s important that you create an environment that promotes that. It’s also helpful to spend time with people who look at the positive side of life. The material you feed your brain also determines whether or not you will successfully develop a positive mindset. Read books and blogs that talk about positivity, and practice saying positive affirmations daily. Finally, have an accountability partner who is willing to remind you to stay on track and call you out if you slip back into negativity.

Hang out with the right people

The people around you influence how you in many ways. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with (Jim Rohn). So it’s important to find an accountability partner who will help reinforce positive thinking behaviour when you slip back into negativity. Whether it is a family member, a friend, or a life coach, this person is there to support you, pick you up when you fall, and cheer on your wins (big and small). 

Over to you

Life is short. We need to enjoy life in a positive way but most of us get stuck in negative thoughts and emotions. Use these positivity boosters as daily reminders to push yourself into a positive mindset, every day. Act on them every single day, to break negative habits and turn your life, your attitude around and create new positive ones. Once you get the ball rolling, things will get easier. With time, positive thinking will come naturally to you. I wish you the best on this journey.

About the author

Christine Cheung has received over 200 hours of life coach-specific training. She is a certified Practitioner of Neuroscience-Lingustic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis Practitioner.

Christine is known for inspiring, empowering, and supporting people in developing skills and strategies to get “unstuck” from their current situation so they can reach their desired outcome using the framework and techniques drawn from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Habit Change theory, the Law of Attraction, and art therapy.

Aside from coaching clients one-one, Christine Cheung is a public speaker, a group facilitator, and an online course instructor. You can listen to her Podcast “Embracing Amazing” and follow her YouTube Channel HERE.

Looking for a deeper conversation? Email her at or book a FREE coffee chat with her.


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I'm a goal-oriented visionary who welcomes opportunities and embraces changes.

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