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Could Self Perception Determine Public Perception?

Society plays a big part in how we view ourselves. The public image is important, but no more than the self-image. It’s not just about how others see us; it’s about how we see ourselves as well.

How To Design A Life Plan That Changes You From The Inside Out

If you find yourself feeling lost or stuck, it’s time to engage in some long-term planning. A life plan is a road map for your future. It helps you set goals and take the steps necessary to make them happen. Here are six steps from which you can start:

The Power of Visualization: How to Use It To Optimize Your Life

Visualization is an effective tool to restore calmness and reduce stress. What it entails is imagining yourself succeeding at something and feeling the enjoyment or other positive emotions that come with doing well. Let’s explore how.

Become A Positive Thinker & Completely Turn Your Life Around

When you’re trying to achieve a positive mindset, it can be tempting to think that the only way to get there is by telling yourself how wonderful you are and how much potential you have. But the reality is that this kind of self-talk doesn’t always work.


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Hi, it’s Christine here.

My mission is to inspire and empower women to break free from their limiting beliefs by harnessing the power of positive self-talk to attract prosperity so they can have a rejuvenated outlook on their future and attain self-actualization.

Vision: Be the source of inspiration for women seeking personal growth.

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